Welcome to Quilts of Excellence!

Hi! My name is Linda Thompson, and welcome to QuiltsofExcellence.com. Thank you for visiting my web site. You can do 3 things at this website:

I completed my first quilt top in 1989 and hand quilted it. At that point I was completely hooked on quilting and loved it! I continued to piece quilt tops and wall hangings, and then in 2002, I met a "Longarmer," who turned all my unfinished projects into lovely quilts. Holding those beautifully quilted quilts in my arms spurred me on to making more quilt tops and handing them over to longarmers, who turned them into more real quilts.

In 2010 as I was preparing to retire from Federal service, my husband suggested that I buy my own longarm quilting machine and offer quilting services to others. It didn't take me long to decide to do that and I am the proud owner of a Handi Quilter Fushion with the Pro-Stitcher, a computerized quilting program.

So if you have quilt tops that need to be turned into real quilts, I'd love to finish them for you. Check out the Quilting Services tab on this web site for pricing and contact information. Or if you'd like to purchase one of my completed quilts, check out the Quilts for Sale tab.

I hope to hear from you soon! You can contact me at quiltsofexcellence@gmail.com.

Happy quilting!