Quilt Preparation

Please have all seams pressed flat. All loose and stray threads should be clipped and removed. Choose backing fabric that is the same fiber content (ie. 100% cotton) and weight as the quilt top. To piece backing fabric, remove selvage, stitch a 1/2" seam and press the seam open. The backing and batting should be at least 8" longer and 8" wider than the quilt top. I'll piece the back for you, if you want. See pricing below for Backing Preparation.

Quilting Prices

Prices are calculated on a square-inch basis. To calculate the number of square inches, multiply the length times width.

NOTE: There is a minimum charge of $30 to longarm your quilt top.

Description Price
Edge-to-edge pantograph/meandering (no borders) $0.02/square inch
Thread $6.00/quilt
Batting (Warm & Natural available at my cost) $0.22/inch
Backing Preparation First Seam - $10.00
Remaining - $5.00
Straight Binding (includes trimming quilt, preparing and attaching binding by machine, hand stitching to back) $0.15/inch
Shipping Postage + insurance + shipping box

Request Services

To request quilting services, please send an email to quiltsofexcellence@gmail.com with "Quilt Request" in the subject line. Please provide the following information in your email: your name, length of quilt, width of quilt, services requested (see above), and anything else you would like to tell me. I look forward to working with you!